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Frequently Asked Questions

General Shipping/Delivery

For specific information regarding our product lines:

Florist Arranged Grower Fresh


1. Can my order be changed or cancelled once it has been placed?
If your order has not been released to the supplier we would be more than happy to make any changes or cancel the order. Changes cannot be made the day of shipping or delivery. During floral holidays we need to receive all changes or cancellations at least five business days prior to the delivery date. For inquiries regarding changes or cancellations we suggest sending an email or contacting our customer service department by calling 1-888-321-ROSE. top

2. Can I customize my order?
We are not able to process special requests. Please visit our online catalogue to view our available products. top

3. Will I get an order confirmation?
If you have provided us with a valid email address, you will receive an automated e-mail confirmation the day you place your order. If your order is placed after business hours, you will receive your confirmation on the next available business day. Your tracking number will follow closer to the actual date of shipping. Please note that if the order is held in your shopping cart and it is received after our supplier cut-off time, the order will not be processed and an email will be sent to you regarding the cancellation of the order on the next business day top

4. I placed my order and did not receive an email confirmation. What happened?
If you did not receive an email confirmation it is possible that the email address may have been entered incorrectly. It is also possible that the email bounced back because of a full mailbox or it entered a bulk folder or spam guard folder. If your order was placed after business hours, you will receive your confirmation the next available business day. top

5. What Credit Card types are accepted?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. top

6. Do you accept debit cards?
No. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. top

7. When will my credit card be charged?
We will attempt to secure authorization on your credit card at the point of purchase online. If we receive verification of sufficient funds, your order will be completed and transferred securely to us. Your account will be charged on the day of purchase. top

8. Can I send flowers anonymously?
We prefer that all orders have a signature on the personalized message, although it is ultimately your decision. If a recipient contacts our customer service department questioning the sender of the flowers, we are unable to reveal any sender information due to our privacy policy. top

9. Why can't I have flowers delivered on Sunday or Monday?
In order for our flowers to be of fresh quality,we require our flowers to be shipped by overnight courier. Our courier service does not ship packages on Saturday or Sunday for deliveries on Sunday and Monday. top

10. How far in advance can I place my order?
You can place your order up to 90 days in advance from the intended delivery

11. Why am I unable to place two orders to go to one person and pay one shipping charge?
Each bouquet is shipped separately in a giftbox; therefore each box requires a separate shipping cost. In order for the multiple products to be sent, each order will have to be placed


1. What information should be included when placing an order going to a hospital or large office complex?
Please include the following information: Recipients First and Last Name, Company or Hospital Name, Full Street Address, Floor Number and Room or Suite Number. We strongly suggest contacting the Company or Hospital to find out their policy on deliveries. For example, most courier deliveries are required to go to the shipping and receiving department as the courier does not have permission to deliver directly to the recipient. When sending to a hospital, please ensure the patient will not be discharged from the hospital prior to or on the day of the flower delivery. When sending to a company please ensure the recipient is working on the day of delivery. top

2. Do you ship Internationally?
We currently do not deliver internationally. If you would like flowers delivered internationally, we suggest contacting a local florist who provides international service. top

3. Can I request a specific delivery time?
Delivery times are based upon the courier's scheduled routes. We are not able to specify or guarantee a delivery time. top

4. Do you deliver to Apartment Buildings?
Yes. When placing your order, be sure the apartment number is included in the address. Any omissions or errors may delay delivery a minimum of one additional business day. As most apartment buildings are secure, the delivery person will have to buzz the proper apartment to notify the recipient there is a delivery. The delivery policy to apartment buildings in general is that there must be someone at the apartment to successfully complete delivery. top

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