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Growing Beautiful Roses

It takes from 45 to 57 days to produce a rose in a greenhouse, depending on variety, time of year and especially, light conditions. Relying on Mother Nature alone to provide enough light is a big gamble, especially in the dark winter months of December, January and February. One method utilized by some rose growers is the installation of "High Pressure Sodium" lights in their greenhouses. This allows them to have the ability to control the amount of light the rose crop receives which dramatically improves production and quality. In addition to extra lighting, we provide our roses with additional carbon dioxide, increasing growth rates. By increasing the growth rate, we are able to cut our roses twice a day, 365 days of the year, ensuring that we have a constant supply of the freshest possible product. Our roses are grown hydroponically which allows the grower full control over the water and nutrients the rose plant receives.


The rose bushes are grown in a ground up coconut husk medium which is sterile and free from disease. Three rose plants are placed in a pot and the water and fertilizer applications are monitored by an environmental computer system and managed by the grower. Less water is wasted with hydroponics because what is fed to the plants is virtually all used up with little water run off into the ground. "When you purchase your roses direct from the grower, you are getting roses that will open beautifully and last longer."


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