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Christmas Flowers, Poinsettias & more!


Ideas for Christmas Floral Gifts and Decorations
Christmas Statistics · Poinsettia Facts

Tradition. One of the most common words associated with Christmas. It is a time spent with family and friends. Christmas brings out the best in people and reminds everyone just how lucky we are to have one another. Christmas represents peace, love and happiness. During this festive season flowers are a perfect gift to give to bring someone a little bit of joy.

Ideas for Christmas Floral Gifts and Decorations

  • Greeting your guests at the door with a small potted plant bearing a personal tree ornament for them to take home.
  • Use fresh flowers in individual water vials on your Christmas Tree.
  • Everyone's favorite, poinsettias to each family.
  • Use wrapped boxes and bows with floral arrangements set in them as table decorations, or displaying them throughout your home.
  • Set candles in seasonal floral arrangements for hall or table decorations
  • Attach fresh flowers to your garland, decorating mantles and banisters.
  • Float candles and flowers such as red Gerbera Daisies in seasonal crystal dishes for a fabulous center piece.
  • As guests leave for the evening, have vases of loose red, white, and green flowers by the door and invite them to take one home.
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Christmas Statistics

Christmas is the number one floral holiday. According to recent holiday sales, flowers are quickly becoming a very popular Christmas gift. Women make up 85% of purchases for floral items for Christmas, with 15% being by men. Of these purchases, 48% are for gifts and 52% are for self.

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Poinsettia Facts

  • Poinsettias make up 88% of the flowering plants purchased for Christmas. The most popular being, of course, red. poinsettia
  • Poinsettias originated in Mexico. It grows there as shrubs that can
    get up to ten feet tall. 
  • Poinsettias come in more colors and variations than the ever popular red. Other colors include, white, cream, yellow, pink and peach. Poinsettias can even come striped, marbled, or spotted with contrasting colors.

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